Monday, August 12, 2013

Celebrate Every Good Thing in Your Life

          One way of maintaining the spirit of gratefulness is to celebrate every little good thing that comes to your life. Oh well, what do I mean by celebrate? It sounds as if you would have to create a party, isn't it? The truth is, celebration simply means to rejoice about an event. Rejoicing doesn't mean that you have to create a big party. A simple remembrance of the special event would do.

        Example, if something good happens, you can write it on a diary. This way you'll be reminded of the good days, good memories and good events in your life. It also creates the feeling of " Wow, I'm so blessed " which is indeed true. It also makes you appreciate more of small and big things that you receive everyday. Do this as a habit and you'll find great results!

      So what are the things or events that you are grateful about? Here's mine : I'm so much thankful that you are reading my blog right now!!! What about you? :-)

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