Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to change my life? - Part I

  Does changing your life seem difficult? In the next few days I'll be posting powerful techniques which are effective, simple and CAN-do . Here's the first one:

  What is discipline? It is simply choosing between the things you want now and things you want most. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about.

 Imagine you are standing in front of an open fridge, inside is a gallon of your favorite chocolate ice cream waiting to be eaten. You are aware that you already set a goal of losing weight. What will you do?

a. " Let me forget my diet for a moment and have this delicious ice cream!"
b. " Ah, let me take my diet next week, for now let me eat this one!!!! "
c.  " Hmmm... okay, let me just have one scoop " after a few minutes you end up eating more scoops

Note that this doesn't only happen in the example I gave. This is applicable to anything which requires discipline and achieving goals. How about choosing this statement?

d. " What I want at a moment is this ice cream but what I want most is to lose weight, therefore I must close the fridge now or let me take an apple instead! "

    Make a habit of disciplining yourself even in the smallest thing you do.  How can you change big things in your life if in you can’t discipline yourself in the smallest thing? What CAN you do right now? Do you have an answer now? Start from there.

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